Sunday 19th September


I am so excited to bring you Age In Power – The Workshop 

I will be hosting a life changing workshop that will help you understand how you can age in your power.

Learning to make more time for the important things in your life will give you moments to cherish and make your life more abundantly happier and fulfilled.

This 2 hour workshop will be held via zoom where I will energise your mind & senses. I will go through my step by step guide to help you attain the things you desire. We will discover the power of manifestation, of happiness and of ageing in power through science backed research.

I can’t wait to motivate and teach you how to grab the best from life and live it the way you always wanted. Let’s glow & grow together.

See you there

Laila x

This workshop is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians, mental health professionals or any other healthcare providers. This workshop is intended to offer information to help you adopt a healthier attitude to the practices and subjects covered.

Via Zoom

All online workshops are held from the UK LONDON so we kindly ask you to check the time difference if you are based overseas before purchasing a ticket.

All online workshops are live only and NOT recorded in order to preserve the privacy of the attendees.

All tickets are non refundable/transferable once purchased due to limited ticket availability.