23rd May 2021

June 21st is not far and in this 2 hour empowering masterclass, I will discuss happiness after Covid. I will cover practices to do that will help when anxiety rears its head and I will also be taking you through a guided meditation. If you want to start building on your happiness, this event will give you a few more tools to add to your box.

In this informal session, I will explore the benefits of self-compassion and how bringing it into your everyday life can help to decrease stress and enhance your general sense of personal wellbeing.

I will chat about how to get over the setbacks we have experienced this last year and how the practice of self-compassion is an effective ‘hack’ for building resilience and ultimately helping you lead a happier and more fulfilling existence.

You will leave this session with an increased sense of self-worth and the courage to get over the obstacles that post Covid life will inevitably bring to us all.

See you there

Laila x

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